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Your Forever Home.

Integrated and personalized design principles converge here.

We specialize in crafting adaptable spaces that can grow with your family, ensuring lasting functionality and comfort throughout life's evolving stages.


We excel in residential architecture, offering expertise in new builds and renovations. Our services include handling permits and applications to streamline your project's success.

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New builds

We design custom residential structures from the ground up, creating detailed construction and architectural drawings to bring your dream home to life.

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We assist in transforming existing residential properties, providing precise renovation plans that enhance functionality and aesthetics while preserving structural integrity.

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Site Plans

We develop comprehensive site plans, addressing zoning regulations and optimizing land use to ensure efficient and compliant residential construction projects.


Designing a custom home or an addition is a time-consuming process, and clear communication is essential for accurately gauging the expected timeframe.

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Phase 1

During the initial project discussion that takes place alongside a site visit, our primary goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, assess the site conditions, and establish the foundation for a successful collaboration. This phase is crucial for setting the project in motion.

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Phase 3

This phase of your project is where your vision starts taking shape. We engage in the creative process of designing layouts and elevations, crafting conceptual floor plans, and generating monochromatic 3D exterior renderings to bring your project to life.

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Phase 2

To ensure the viability of your project,  a zoning review of your property is conducted. This review entails a comprehensive analysis of all pertinent property information, which is then incorporated into a site plan that clearly depicts how your project complies with zoning regulations.

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Phase 4

In this concluding phase of your project, we delve into the technical aspects, focusing on the creation of construction drawings with precise specifications for permit submission. These detailed plans will not only secure the necessary permits but also serve as the blueprint your contractor will follow to bring your dream forever home to reality.


My name is Mackenzie Rints.

BCIN certified Architectural Designer from Goodwood, rooted in community, Vice-Chair of Uxbridge Accessibility Advisory Committee, OCADU graduate.

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At Goodwood Architecture we’re passionate about creating beautiful and functional homes. We believe that great design should be inclusive and embraces adaptability to increase the longevity of our homes.

Goodwood Architecture is committed to delivering exceptional results. Whether you're looking to renovate an existing home or build a new one from scratch, we are here to help you create a one of a kind space.


290 Goodwood Road 

Goodwood ON L0C 1A0


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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