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The Process

Designing a custom home or an addition is a time-consuming process, and clear communication is essential for accurately gauging the expected timeframe

Phase 1

Initial Contact

Lets have a conversation.

Tell me what you are looking to achieve, what your timeline looks like and possible budget.


I will generate an approximate quote based on our conversation, and I will also provide a contract for your review at this stage.

Site Visit


A site visit is necessary for both additions and new builds. During this visit, we will gather interior and exterior measurements for additions, while for new builds, we will discuss and determine the approximate location for the house.

After the project has received approval, we will request a 25% retainer payment along with a signed contract to initiate the process.

Quotes are provided within 4 days, and site visits are when schedules permit.

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Phase 2

Zoning Review

A comprehensive review of your property will encompass various factors. This process involves determining property zoning and by-laws, assessing setbacks from property lines, evaluating lot coverage, considering building heights, and more.

Site Plan

A site plan of your property will be created, which will include notations of existing structures and zoning requirements stipulated by your Township. This site plan serves as a valuable tool in determining the feasibility of your vision or any necessary adaptations required to align with zoning regulations.

Turnaround time is within two weeks of scheduled site visit.

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Phase 3

Concept Drawings

Concept drawings encompass black and white floor plans, elevations, and 3D renderings. Clients will have the opportunity to review these drawings and provide feedback regarding desired alterations. Clients are entitled to request up to four significant changes, which can include new floor plans, elevations, and roof plans.

Invoice #1

Upon finalizing the concept drawings and moving forward to the construction drawing phase, an invoice for an additional 25% of the total project cost will be issued.

The duration of this phase can vary significantly depending on the level of detail and precision you require. It could range from as quick as two weeks to several months.

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Phase 4

Construction Drawings

Construction drawings involve the detailed specification of essential elements such as floor joists, beams, roof construction, section cuts, and intricate details. These drawings serve as the blueprint that your contractor will use to provide a quote for the construction project.

Permit Submission

Upon the completion of the construction drawings, we will proceed to prepare a permit application for your township. To facilitate this process, we will require an authorization form from you as the client, granting Mackenzie Rints of Goodwood Architecture the authority to submit the application on your behalf.

Invoice #2

Upon the submission of permits, a final invoice of the remaining 50% of the project cost will be due. It's important to note that permit fees will be the responsibility of the client. Any required revisions or updates (redlines) that arise during the permitting process will be addressed without additional compensation.

The duration of construction drawings can vary based on the size and complexity of the project, typically ranging from 2 to 6 weeks. Permit processing times, on the other hand, are subject to the specific Townships and their workload, which can influence the overall timeline.

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Additional Services

Minor Variance

In cases where the initial client concept does not align with the zoning requirements, it may be necessary to explore the option of submitting a minor variance application to the township, seeking permission for the proposed variations. However, this step will only be discussed and pursued if it becomes necessary to address zoning-related issues.

Required for Permits

Potential Requirements

- HVAC Drawings 

-Grading Plan

- Structural Engineer

- Arborist Report

- Engineered Floor /  Roof System

Any additional service fees will be included in the second invoice 

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Conservation Authority

In cases where the initial client concept sits within a conservation area an application will need to be submitted with a proposal for approval. 

Topics to Consider

There are numerous factors to consider when embarking on a construction project, and it's perfectly fine if you don't have all the answers upfront. We can discuss your questions and concerns when you're ready, and we will do my best to provide you with the information and guidance you need.

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Foundation Type

Exterior Finishes

Roof System

Floor System

- Basement / Crawl Space / Slab on Grade

- Poured Concrete

- Concrete Block 


- Piers 

- Brick / Stone (3.5"-4")

- Veneer Brick / Stone (1"-2")

- Vinyl / Wood Siding 

- Half Stone, Half Vinyl


- Stick Frame 

- Engineered Trusses

- Standard Lumber

- Engineered Floor Joist

Roof Styles

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hip roof icon


flat roof icon


shed roof icon


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Ceiling Styles

flat ceiling icon

Flat Ceiling

collar tie ceiling icon

Vaulted with Ceiling Ties

peeked ceiling icon


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