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My name is Mackenzie Rints.

I'm a BCIN certified Architectural Design. My roots are firmly planted in Goodwood, where I was raised by my parents alongside my three sisters. Today, I proudly call Goodwood my home once again, living here with my husband Josh and our daughter. I am currently vice-chair of the Accessibility Advisory Committee for Uxbridge where I contribute my knowledge gained during the Rick Hansen Accessibility Certification Course.

I graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University with a Bachelor of Design in Environmental Design. I then furthered my education at George Brown College taking their Continuing Education Classes in the building code.

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My inspiration for dedicating my life's work to designing accessible spaces stems from my family. My youngest sister has a learning disability, and although home life was never a struggle, public spaces posed challenges. We were very fortunate to have a home that was suitable for her, but I am aware that others are not as lucky.

As life progressed, my grandfather developed Parkinson's Disease. Witnessing his daily struggles within his own home was heartbreaking. Watching him struggle to get up and down from his chair, or use the facilities without relying on my grandmother for assistance was difficult. Although their apartment was designed to be senior-friendly, it was not adequately equipped to meet the accessibility needs that develop as one ages.

I was fortunate to meet my husband's grandfather; however, Alzheimer's Disease had already begun to affect him by the time I got to know him. He struggled to remember his day-to-day activities, such as eating or brushing his teeth. Simple tasks that most people don't think twice about became constant challenges for him, as he couldn't recall what he had done that morning. The frustration in his eyes was palpable, knowing he should know the answers. Life had transformed into a series of notes and visual aids to help him remember the tasks that needed to be completed.

It's truly frustrating to see your loved ones struggle. Disabilities can not only be challenging for those living with them but also for their loved ones who care for them. It's often the small things in life that can make our daily routines easier. Having a home that caters to your needs can help eliminate these hurdles and bring comfort and ease to everyday life, and restore independence.

I hope that through Goodwood Architecture I am able to help ease those hurdles.

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